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Hey partner, Socrates here with a major launch coming up and I need your help. If you don't already know who I am, chances are I ALREADY made you money (check the list below) - if not, ask anyone on that list to confirm. Or call Clickbank for that matter. I am one of their top affiliates and an APEX member (proof below). If we havent yet worked together, help me out, and I ll make it rain for your launch. Simple as that...


We got a great product, great copy, great funnel, great cash PRIZES, anything else you need just let me know...



Copy for the front end + upsells has been written by David Raybould one of the best copywriters with a string of #1 Clickbank products. Graphics by another guy with CB #1 experience. No expense has been spared making sure you get maximum EPC's. (even the domain name cost me a small fortune)

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This is an amazing product (unlike anything you've seen) which took 1.5 years to complete. It's a pure push-button content + money making system. With over 150,000 private label articles, 986+ Categories, state of the art search engine, built in custom spinner, automatic push button ebook creator, Multi-site timed autoblogging, dummy-proof web 2.0 dashboard, training, copyscape integration, new content added constantly, real support from our 6 person team plus bonuses and MORE... (access to content and features varies depending on which offers customers buy from our funnel - i.e. more upsells = more access, which means more money for you)


We will also have commissionable upsells and cross sells from within the membership site. Those will be locked to the FIRST JV partner to refer the lead. We will hardcode your CB id inside each member's account. For example, someone who turns down the upsells, decides they want an upgrade a week later, we show them YOUR affiliate link to complete the purchase.


The Funnel:
Front end: $37, Upsell 1: $197, Upsell 2 $197, Exit pop: $27 or $1 for 7 day trial, Downsell 1 $97, Downsell 2 $127


Make $220+ per customer (+recurring +future sales)

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Here is a list of some of the people I 've made money for in the past few months - Proof follows below (scroll - proof is LONG).

Adeel Chowdhry
Paul and Antonio
Steve Iser
Rasheed Ali
Huey Lee
Rob Benwell
Dylan Loh
Edmund Loh
Tony Sanders
Phil Mansour
Steven Lee Jones
Dan Brock

Tom Bell
Shawn Casey
Gabor Olah
Andrew X
Jeff Mills
Jeff Vacek
Frank Kern
Trey Smith
Bill McRea
Matt Bacak
Alen Sultanic
Michael Jones

John Thornhil
Dave Nicholson
Patric Chan
Paul Ponna
Mike Williams
Russell Brunson
John Hostler
Tim Bekker
Brad Callen
Chris Freville
Mark Anastasi


and many many more

If you are on the list, it's been a great pleasure, I 'd like to continue supporting you and your products/launches for a LONG time to come.


If you are not on the list (yet), I look forward to meeting you and start making a ton of cash for your promos. All I ask is to do your best promoting my launch. You don't have to be #1 or even #10, I can tell when someone puts some real effort...


One thing about me, you support me, I go out of my way to support you. No drama, no bullshit.



and many many more - to many to list on this page...


I am one of Clickbank's certified elite affiliates and included in their APEX program, which is reserved for the very top affiliates. Here is a picture of the certificate they recently sent me in the mail (underfox corporation is our company name)





You can contact me at: socratesJV AT anytime with any questions and requests.




Thanks in advance. I truly appreciate your support and looking forward to reciprocate.




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